Bail Bonds Galveston


Bail Bonds Galveston

If you have a friend in a Galveston TX jail, call Bail America Bail Bonds. We serve all cities in Galveston County. We provide great service and quick releases. Our bondsmen will walk you through the entire bonding process. Call (409)765-9600 today! Bail America Bail Bonds is conveniently located at 5316 Broadway Avenue J in Galveston, Texas. We have been handling Galveston bail bonds since 2000. Our experienced bondsmen know the ins and outs of the Galveston court system, and will work hard to get you a fast release. We are available 24/7 and have low prices and payment plans. We handle felony bail bonds and misdemeanor bail bonds as well as DUI's and DWI's. Our customer service is top-notch. Next time you need a bail bondsmen, remember Bail America Bail Bonds.

Bail America Bail Bonds Service Reviews

"Very professional!!"

Ernesto L. of Galveston - Google Review

"Very helpful and amazing customer service!"

Alexandra E. of Galveston - Google Review

"5 Star Review"

Cody D. of Galveston - Google Review

"My go to bonds company! They are always fast and efficient, and non-judgmental. They work with me and are open 24 hours! Just a call away and my problems are solved and quick process!!"

Kora E. of Galveston - Google Review

"Bail America in Galveston was top notch! The office staff was MORE than helpful in walking us through the process. I will recommend them to anyone!"

Sheri M. of Galveston - Google Review

"Awesome service."

QsLs_Threat of Galveston - Google Review

"Fast service you can depend on!!"

Chad R. of Galveston - Google Review

"Any time my friends or family are in jail There the only place we call!!"

Juan L. of Galveston - Google Review

"I had a brother in jail and Bail America had him out in no time. My experience with the employees there was second to none. Valerie and Katina are very knowledgeable and compassionate about their clients and made it very easy going through the whole process. I would recommend Bail America to anyone who needs a bond."

Cole F. of Galveston - Google Review

"Very professional and helped me with getting out fast. I recommend all my friends to them and will not use anyone else."

Zachary L. of Galveston - Google Review

"5 Star Review"

Kayla M. of Galveston - Google Review

"Great bond company ...they helped me through the entire court process!"

MC G. of Galveston - Google Review

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